M1A™ Standard Issue Rifle, CA Compliant .308 Black

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This California-compliant M1A™ Standard Issue 7.62 rifle comes with a weatherproof black composite stock, a standard-length 22″ carbon steel barrel, and a military two-stage trigger. With an ambidextrous midline safety and generous unbreakable bolt handle that reciprocates with the action, this is the ideal hard-use backcountry tool. Rain, snow, heat or hail won’t slow down this unstoppable precision firearm.
BLACK COMPOSITE STOCK: Modern polymers remain stable and unyielding in any environment. This same technology makes for a simply superlative gunstock.
MILITARY APERTURE REAR SIGHT: For old school shooters, the G.I.-issue military aperture rear sight is easily adjusted and timelessly effective
CA COMPLIANT MUZZLE BRAKE: A California-compliant muzzle brake brings the legendary performance of the M1A™ Standard Issue 7.62 rifle to the West Coast.

CALIBER : .308 WIN (7.62x51mm NATO)
COLOR : Black
BARREL : 22″ 6-Groove Carbon Steel, 1:11
FRONT SIGHT : National Match .062″ Blade
REAR SIGHT : Military .0690 Aperture, MOA Adj. for Windage & Elevation
STOCK : Black Composite
TRIGGER : 2-Stage
MUZZLE DEVICE : Muzzle Brake
MAGAZINES : (1) 10-Round
WEIGHT : 8 lbs 8 oz
LENGTH : 44.33″

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