M1A™ NATIONAL MATCH Rifle W , Stainless Barrel .308 Walnut

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Springfield Armory® offers their M1A™ National Match rifle with a 22″ full-length premium air-gauged 1:11″-twist barrel producing performance commensurate with the gun’s long range competition mission. The hand-fitted stock, rear lug action and legendary tuned 4.5-lb. National Match trigger will drop your shots right where you want them out to a kilometer or more round after round

MATCH-GRADE HOODED APERTURE REAR SIGHT: Handy ½ M.O.A. adjustments for both windage and elevation combined with a hooded 0.0595″ aperture yield precision fire over open sights at long ranges.
GLASS BEDDED STOCK: The M1A™ National Match rifle rides within a hand-fitted glass-bedded stained walnut stock that offers the perfect long range shooting foundation.
NATIONAL MATCH MEDIUM WEIGHT STAINLESS BARREL: The full-length 22″ stainless steel barrel sports a medium weight contour that hides comfortably underneath the forearm

CALIBER : .308 WIN (7.62x51mm NATO)
COLOR : Walnut
BARREL : 22″ NM Medium Weight, 6-Groove Stainless Steel, 1:11
FRONT SIGHT : National Match .062″ Blade
REAR SIGHT : Match-Grade Hooded .0595 Aperture, 1/2 MOA Adj. for Windage & Elevation
STOCK : Walnut, Glass Bedded
TRIGGER : 2-Stage, NM Tuned
MUZZLE DEVICE : Flash Suppressor
MAGAZINES : (1) 10-Round
WEIGHT : 9 lbs 8 oz
LENGTH : 44.33″

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